Food Security

We have made the decision to focus our initial efforts on Food Security.  Food connects with so many relevant Transition issues from climate change and resource depletion at the global level to local issues like health and cost that most directly affect each of us.  Our ultimately goal is to help create a food system in the area that promotes plentiful locally available, sustainably produced, and affordable food for our entire community.  To achieve our goal, we are following three interrelated and mutually supportive tracks.

  • Awareness raising and education
  • Network building
  • Organizing and promoting initiatives, actions, and activities

We have organized our efforts into four food-related initiatives:

  1. A Film-Discussion Series
  2. A body that supports and promotes existing local and sustainable food groups and activities,
  3. Creating a Food Ascent Plan (for Durham to transition to more locally and sustainably grown, readily available, reasonably-priced healthy food)
  4. Helping form a group that can shape Food Policy in the city and county
  5. Participating in activities which directly address current food insecurity in the Durham area, such as gleaning

FILM SERIES: Our first major project was a film and discussion series in 2011 on the theme of food.  Feeding the Bull City: Healthy, Affordable Food for ALL  was a five-part series that addresses a range of aspects dealing with transforming our current problem-riddled industrial agricultural system into a local, sustainable food system