The Transition Movement is a vibrant grassroots movement developed as a positive response for building community resilience in the face of the impending challenges of energy resource depletion, climate change and environmental degradation, and an unstable economic future.

Transition Durham’s founders believe that this movement represents one of the most promising ways to engage people in strengthening their communities against the effects of these challenges, while at the same time offering opportunities to shape lives that are more fulfilling, equitable, just, and socially connected.

Facing the effects of the triple challenges identified above involves making substantial changes in how we approach resource use, and how we interact with our environment and with each other in a range of interconnected sectors of material life (e.g., energy, food, transportation, building and construction, etc.). For example, with regard to energy we will need to make a move to renewable energy sources while curtailing the use of environmentally damaging and in some cases rapidly dwindling (oil) fossil fuels.  At the same time, making changes in one sector also has profoundly positive effects on others.